Gig: Felix Hagan and The Family.


Spent a very nice (sober) night in Camden Bar Fly watching a great set by Felix Hagan and The Family. K (who has seen them before) encouraged me to go – I wasn’t sure about going out at all as I had work in the morning. Work is about to get really busy so I thought I should get an early night. But then I got some (other) work at a gig down the road which finished just before the set at Bar Fly.

So I decided that even though sleep is important, it might be a nice way to mark the end of the week and blow off some steam.

I really enjoyed watching the performance. The music was very cool, really upbeat but dirty and dark – very sexy. There were some gorgeous solos from keys and guitar, and a particularly dirty bass riff which made me very happy. The lead vocalist had great charisma. He was joined by two lovely ladies who provided backing vocals and moved in fun little routines to the music. Their outfits were lovely too. The whole thing had a great stage presence and there was a deliciously theatrical element to the show – these guys know how to entertain a crowd. There was a nice nod to a campy-horror film/goth aesthetic, in the lyrics and in presentation – lots of black clothing, lace etc on the ladies. Sort of debauched, dirty glam/goth/rock showmanship from the entire ensemble. Think Rocky Horror with massive sex appeal. Then the ladies got into the crowd and waltzed with us. That was pretty cool! The band also looked like they were enjoying themselves too. It was a very fun night.

Then I ran for the last tube to Elephant and Castle. I downloaded their EP (launched last night at Bar Fly) to listen to on the night bus home. Really good. I’d like to see them live again, they bring a fantastic energy to live performance, really liked it.

I’m so glad I ended up staying out last night!

Felix Hagan and The Family’s EP ‘String Up The Entertainer’ is available now on iTunes.

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