I would like kids one day. I feel there’s a part of my life that would be fulfilled by having children.

I don’t necessarily see being gay is an obstacle. In fact, I’m not obsessed with the idea of physically carrying a child within me. I’d be happy to adopt.

Not even a newborn, I would love to adopt an older child. There’s always a difficulty to find good homes for children. But that sounds great. A child, an actual person. One who already has a fledgling view of the world that I can help to develop into adulthood.

Actually, older still would work. Adopting a teenager would be such a rewarding challenge.

Maybe even someone my own age. We might have things in common. We could share interests.

Actually that would be perfect. I definitely would like to achieve having kids, one my own age would be fantastic.


Hang on.


I don’t mean children do I?


I would like friends.


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