The Truth About Lesbian Bed Death.


Despite continuous pleas from decent society, a small portion of females insist on conducting sexual relations with each other. This sub-section of the population, commonly known as ‘lesbians’, are subject to very real danger in this life-style choice.

Lesbian Bed Death claims thousands of lives each year. Little is known about this phenomenon, which makes it hard to prevent. Reformed ‘lesbian’ Geneveive* shares her story:

“When I realised I was attracted to ladies, I thought having sex with them would be fun. These urges did scare me but I was still naïve and thought that these feelings were acceptable on some level. I met other ‘lesbians’ and felt accepted into their group. I did not know how dangerous things would get.”

While the socialising of women has become acceptable in modern society, sexual relations between women are widely regarded as immoral, pointless and even unsafe. This can be attributed to the practice involved. ‘Lesbians’ have developed a lethal method of taking turns during sex. This allows the receiver to fully concentrate on achieving the rare state of arousal known as orgasm, while the giver focuses all energy to making up for the distinct lack of cock.

However it is that stiff masculine element which makes a sex both safe and worth doing in the first place. The male ejaculation is natures way of halting sexual relations. Male libido diminishes moments after orgasm and cannot be reclaimed until a decent amount of time has elapsed. During this time, the male may become sleepy; therefore sex must finish with the male orgasm as it cannot continue after.

Scientists have concluded that without a man, it is impossible to tell when sex is complete. In the absence of semen, ‘lesbian sexual activity’ can continue indefinitely. ‘Lesbians’ can sex for hours, days, even months without hiatus. This can have grave consequences.

“When you start going out with another ‘lesbian’ nobody warns you of the dangers. One night my then-girlfriend asked me to have sex with her. Ignorant of the consequences, I was excited to try sex with another woman. We continued through the night, by morning we were still sexing without any signs of stopping. What followed were the most exhausting three days of my life, I thought it would never end. Thankfully my girlfriend was due to have her house rewired on the fourth day. The electrician came to our aid [literally] by ejaculating on our faces. It meant we could finally stop having sex. I was shaken by what had just happened. I broke up with my girlfriend before I even washed my face.”

Genevieve experienced a lucky escape. This episode was the wake up call she needed. She donated her dungarees to her local Oxfam and cancelled her subscription to Diva Magazine. She now lives with her boyfriend Paul*. She experiences regular ten minute sessions of heterosexual sex up to three times a week. “I finally feel normal,” she adds. Unfortunately not all ‘lesbians’ are granted such a happy ending.

“I knew a couple,” Genevieve explains, “they would go to the same carpentry class and visit kitten sanctuaries together. When they started holding hands, it seemed that they would soon progress to sexing. Sure enough, by the end of that month I noticed that they were missing from our local ukulele club meetings.”

The couple had disappeared from their daily lives. Trapped in an endless cycle of female sexual agency, the women had become slaves to their godless lusts. Once ‘lesbian sex’ begins, it can be very tough to stop due to the lack of male ejaculation, loss of libido or post-orgasm nap.

Once the couple’s loved ones realised what was happening, they tried to intervene, with little success. As the women continued to sex, their lives took a turn for the worse.

“They lost their jobs, a lot of people stopped talking to them. I visited weekly and attempted conversation from the other side of the door. It was hard, but I know they appreciated my efforts – I just wish I could have done more for them.”

They continued to sex each other, helped by weekly aid parcels of Duracell batteries and Lucozade from their friends and relatives. Sadly, after five months, the sex became too much for them and they died of starvation, dehydration and RSI.

“At times they didn’t even enjoy it. They longed for the moment a man would arrive and ejaculate on their faces and end their suffering. Sadly that moment, like the man they hoped for, never came.

“I still miss my friends. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of them. It is little consolation that they died experiencing some kind of pleasure, though I know by the end they had regretted ever starting the sex. It’s really all very sad.”

Genevieve has begun a charity for the rehabilitation of exhausted ‘lesbians’ like herself in the UK. Through proper education, Lesbian Bed Death can be dramatically reduced. All sexual contact between women is prohibited and safe practices between ‘lesbians’, such as holding hands and cuddling, are encouraged.

“I appreciate women might find other women attractive – its a symptom of our modern society. If they must act on these impulses, sexing is not the answer. It is always best to just have sex with men.”

Genevieve’s charity has received support from upstanding members of the ‘lesbian’ community. To her relief, this issue is slowly being recognised.

“I just want to make sure nobody has to endure what my friends went through. Exhaustion through having endless sex with a woman is no way to go.”

Genevieve’s book on Lesbian Bed Death, ‘The Lady Killer’ is available on Amazon.

*Names changed to protect identities.

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