#SmallTales: Christmas.


@LiterallyGeeked is running a weekly flash fiction competition on Twitter called #SmallTales. Submissions of 100 words, or artwork, on a given theme.

This week, the first #SmallTales is on the brief of ‘Christmas’.

Below is my entry:

The Pantomime.

The voyeurs settle onto splintered chairs bearing teeth marks from the last show. Glitter and gunpowder hang in the air. So thick, you can choke on it.

Darkness falls. The piano is abused. More glitter. Smoke. Sparks fly. The crowd begins to howl.

An almighty fanfare. The Dame swaggers, stiletto-ed, onstage. Catcalls ricochet off the walls. She tosses his wig of matted candyfloss. The punters are treated to a leer, her yellow teeth bared, a bulge in his spandex skirt. The crowd salivates, enticed by this sequinned ringleader.

A war cry issues from his painted lips. Let the pantomime commence.

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