#SmallTales: Hungover


@LiterallyGeeked is running a weekly flash fiction competition on Twitter called #SmallTales. Submissions of 100 words, or artwork, on a given theme.

This week, #SmallTales is on the brief of ‘hungover’.

Below is my entry:

Daylight invades. Clothes and other debris adorn the floor. The bed holds our remains. Last night flexes in our veins. It pounds in our heads and dries up our mouths. We are booze-wounded. Less than our best.

My formerly drunk girl stirs, drapes her limbs over me. I re-fit my body to hers. She is beautiful in her self-inflicted suffering. Wine-soaked and fragile. Gorgeous.

Shards of light offend her closed eyes. She shrinks into me, groaning against my back. The duvet is pulled overhead. A cocoon in which to heal. We sleep.

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