#SmallTales: Hiding.


@LiterallyGeeked is running a weekly flash fiction competition on Twitter called #SmallTales. Submissions of 100 words, or artwork, on a given theme.

This week, #SmallTales is on the brief of ‘hiding’.

Below is my entry:

Today will not occur. Not in this room. I shall abstain from humanity. I do not want crowds. Or company. The duvet comforts. My sleeping heat still trapped within. I am wrapped in warmth and silence. I am calm. Solitary. Pleasantly nothing. No-one.

I’m staying put. No shrill ring or wooden knock will draw me out. I do not anticipate any. I am happily ignored. Left alone.

Life shall not intrude. Abrupt demands and expectations and so much effort are unwelcome. I shall ignore existence. And huddle in bed until sleep reclaims my sad frame.

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