Gag Reflex at Battersea Arts Centre (a scratch performance by @mannionaise).


My girl is doing something amazing on Saturday night.

Freshly Scratched is a work in progress night at Battersea Arts Centre. Over the past week new and exciting pieces have been showcased to a ‘pay what you can’ audience.

Tomorrow night hosts Philippa’s first performance of Gag Reflex; a one woman show about sexuality and vomiting.

Yes, vomiting.

Have you ever felt disgusted with yourself? That churning hot feeling in your gut when you consider what you look like, what you did last night or even what gender you’re attracted to?

Gag Reflex is an exploration of this nausea. It’s the exposure of the questioning process we all struggle with about ourselves and our sexuality.

This isn’t about the light at the end of the tunnel. This is about the tunnel itself.

Since the beginning thoughts, I’ve been so excited by this idea. I have eagerly read each of the Gag Reflex R&D blogs on Philippa’s website. This concept feels very fresh in the wider context of queer theatre. There are works which celebrate the relief of being out, and less optimistic stories of gay relationships ripped apart by doubt, denial or hate. They all go to encourage us to love ourselves for who we are. I admire this greatly, but exploring the idea of being in limbo, of questioning and attempting to accept oneself is fascinating.

I feel this speaks to an audience which has either experienced this sensation or is experiencing it right now.

I’ve been lucky enough to read some drafts and offer a clumsy opinion or two. I can’t wait to see it live. Philippa will be performing the work herself.

If you are in London this weekend, please come along to support Philippa’s performance at Battersea Arts Centre on Saturday. Tickets are at a pay what you can rate, and available online. The show starts at 7:30pm.

I will of course be there to see this debut performance. Join me to watch this tremendous first step.

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