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So I wrote this last night while falling asleep, basically instructions to read my girlfriends blog. It’s rather good. Her blog, not mine.

Mannionaise is keeping a blog. Every day she writes 250 words of poetry or drama to flex her creative muscles, to discipline herself in the ways of the Professional Writer and to identify any preferred working conditions.

(Night. It’s always at night.)

Tonight Mannionaise has realised that she’s thirteen blogs behind schedule and needs to do some serious catching up. I’m currently in bed being Not Helpful (apparently) while she types. My attempts to suggest things to fill up her blog quota have not been welcomed.

These also aren’t helpful:

•Breaking into her WordPress account and posting 250 words of freshly made erotica.
•Recording an interpretative dance version of her blog. Or my blog. And posting it online.
•Getting everyone we know on Twitter to guest post.
•Taking pictures of The Business Seal.
•Falling asleep (and snoring).

Then I fell asleep. And snored. Probably*. But enough about how difficult it is to co-habit with me! Go read #250for250. 250 words for 250 days. Running until July.

*Just checked, I did snore.

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