#SmallTales: Waste.


@LiterallyGeeked is running a weekly flash fiction competition on Twitter called #SmallTales. Submissions of 100 words, or artwork, on a given theme.

This week, #SmallTales is on the brief of ‘waste’.

Below is my entry:

The alley cats return from stalking.

Their evening amongst the bins was profitable. Their search through the filth yielded several discarded bottles. They enjoy licking the shards of glass which bear remains of booze.

They prowl home to me at dawn, scandal clenched in their mouths. They spit these out at my feet like baby birds with snapped necks and bloodied wings. They are left to fester on the carpet. I am too tired to praise the maggots which feast on their tiny corpses.

They press themselves to my leg in ownership. I feel rainwater and garbage on my skin.