Kink Is For The Profoundly Strange.


What’s the deal with weirdos and kink?

Or to be more specific – what’s the deal with BDSM and fetish narratives featuring characters with severe issues as a direct catalyst for kink tendencies.

Give us a break, writers and film makers.

Yes, its positive to feature subjects like BDSM in film and literature. It helps make these preferences more commonplace in our collective sexual understanding.


By including characters who are clearly mentally and socially maladjusted, these works are giving out signals that anyone who enjoys BDSM has problems, or is turning to kink as a way of sorting their lives out.

Well done folks.

It seems we’ve come one step forward and two steps back on the subject. Its a sort of passive aggressive shaming. The audiences for these things are going to have a high volume of people who enjoy a bit of kink -where are the positive representations for them to identify with?

All they can see reflected back is BDSM, but as a symptom/fix for something gravely wrong. Are they ‘wrong’ too?

Plus, I’m guessing that if you’ve been institutionalised, or had cigarettes stubbed out on your chest as a toddler, you’re not the ideal candidate for a pain and control relationship. Where’s the chat? The endless discussions about limits? The ability to identify what you want and to calmly and politely ask for it?

New project: I am writing a sex-positive story about two people who haven’t suffered horrific trauma but who enjoy BDSM.

Oh _lord_ the sheer novelty of it!