My father is awesome.

In that sort of stoic Yorkshire gruff man way. I think I understand him but every now and then he’ll surprise me.

I took my girlfriend home a few weeks ago to meet my whole family. She is the first girlfriend I’ve introduced to my dad. Naturally I was nervous. My father is particularly unwelcoming to people I date.

My father has only passed judgement on one partner. He deemed my first boyfriend unsuitable. This boyfriend was my age, studying for a career in engineering and the most marriage and family oriented kind of man you could hope to meet. My father still recalls him as not right for me.

So if that sort of person isn’t right for his daughter, could any partner be accepted by this man? Would a girlfriend be any better?

Fortunately yes.

My father and my girlfriend got on very well. At the end of the weekend he took me to one side and told me that I seemed happier with my girlfriend than with any of my other boyfriends.

“It’s not a gender thing as such, I just think you’re better suited.”

I was surprised and relieved that he had welcomed my girlfriend and, by extension, accepted me as his (very) lesbian daughter. I was ready for resistance, or to accept that my dad would not support this relationship.

I have seriously underestimated my father. I should have realised he’d be ok with it. He told me the following after I came out:

“I love you, do what makes you happy.
Just don’t do drugs.”

I love my dad.