The List (2)


It’s September.

This time last year I wrote a list of resolutions, following a particularly strenuous month at the Edinburgh Fringe. As Autumn sets in I thought I would establish another list of goals, and reflect on last year’s attempts.

Last Year’s List:

No booze in September.
Stayed sober the entire month despite several parties, and a lot of post rehearsal drinks.

Find a day job.
I now have steady work which is enjoyable. They also let me arrange my shifts around rehearsals and my freelance commitments, which is a huge bonus.

Feel better in body, so you can tattoo body.
This one is still and ongoing process! I was doing the gym thing, but couldn’t afford to renew membership when the time came. My friend Frog and I try to go running in the mornings – which sometimes works!
As for the tattoo, I’m still working on a design – and a location that I’m happy with. It’s in flux. I’m constantly playing with new ideas and images.

Make the flat feel more like a home.
This was an attempt by both myself and my flatmate, we had people over for dinner and threw a most excellent party for my twenty-fifth birthday. However, the flat was broken into in December, which I found extremely traumatic and struggled for a long time to feel safe alone in the flat. Things have improved slowly and I’m starting to feel more comfortable again.

Stop sleeping with men.



So then, onto this year’s resolutions:

Move in with my girlfriend.
We have been discussing living together and it’s something we would both like to do. At this point we’re spending every night together and have fallen into an easy cohabiting pattern. I’ve never lived with a partner before but I feel ready and confident to bicker about the bills and whose turn it is to clean the bathroom with this particular lady.

Get published.
I’ve been writing for a year now; blogs, articles and fiction in varying degrees of eroticism. I’m starting work on a project which I’m very excited about and it is my intention to self-publish an ebook by the Autumn of 2015.

Working towards a long term project is a new experience for me and being pretty goal-oriented this seems like a good combination of traits old and skills new.

Get tattooed.
Somebody march me to Greenwich and let Sergio cover me in inky pain. This artist was responsible for my last tattoo and was so precise. I love the tattoo on my wrist and I want more!

And that’s it. My goals are fewer this year but more precise. Fingers crossed for the coming twelve months.