Five Signs You Live With A Writer.


When I moved in with @mannionaise I quickly realised that two people identifying under the vague name ‘writer’ can create a unique living dynamic:

1. There are pens everywhere. Everywhere.
There are pens in the kitchen, the living room, our bedside table. There are literally dozens of pots of pens all over the place.

2. The office is key.
Our office space is in our bedroom. The bookshelf was alphabetised within days of moving in; the stationary has been neatly sorted and piled. The office is a fully functioning area of our new home. But our clothing is still in boxes. Priorities innit?

3. The desk will be mistaken for the dinner table.
I hoovered up the other day and the concentration of crumbs around the desk was shameful. If I’m making progress on an article I’ll make lunch and eat it while working. Even if I’m not doing well, writers block gives me the munchies. I know Mannionaise is the same. I often find sweet wrappers in the paper bin. We went grocery shopping and decided that any snack food would not stay in the cupboard for long.

4. Deadlines are our primary excuse to get out of housework.
Saturday morning, we both had deadlines to meet by the afternoon and there were chores to be done. There was definitely raised voices about who had the more pressing deadline and who shouldn’t be expected change the bedsheets.

5. One of you will write about it.
This is provided that one of you writes non fiction.

These are by no means complaints. I love the entire shelf we have devoted to literary theory and gender studies and the way our walls are being taken over by post its. We are still working out our writing environments; I prefer company and noise, she prefers quiet solitude.

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